Not only does Olive love her 100% Ostrich bone it has also removed the old plaque and stains from her back teeth which are now sparkling white! 


  • The ultimate non-splinter bone
  • Unique with lightweight honeycomb interior
  • Raw / air-dried 
  • Low fat & high protein
  • Low odour & Hypoallergenic 
  • Responsibly sourced 
  • Long-lasting natural dental chew


These natural Ostrich bones are delicious and nutritional, suitable for most breeds and they also float for those dogs who enjoy the water! The Ostriches used are either wild or humanely raised on small farms, resulting in easily digestible low fat hypo-allergenic treats, the perfect accompaniment to achieve a balanced diet for your dog.


Our top tip: these low odour, lightweight bones have a honeycomb interior which can make a bit of a mess. I recommend putting a towel or blanket under the bone to catch the bits.


Suitable for puppies over 3 months old. Feed in moderation as a healthy treat.


Approximate Size: 28cm long 

Large Ostrich Bone

  • "His teeth are white finally!... I’ve never thought his teeth would be so white despite lots of other ways such as brushing them etc. I even recommended it to someone else from whippet community."


    "I am over the moon with the bones and Wanda is obsessed with hers. For the first time today she didn't cry for her tea. This is unheard of it's usually a racket."


    "Nellies teeth are completely restored! It's like having a brand new set of teeth!... I wouldn't have believed it was possible"


    "It's been the best thing I've bought for them regarding their teeth, they have lovely white teeth now!"


    "Awaiting my delivery of another 2 ostrich bones. My 2 love loves how clean their teeth are too xx"


    "After trying several different things - found that ostrich bones are the best for cleaning hounds teeth"


    "Hi we received our ostrich bone today - bought it for our boys 1st birthday and he loves it!! Never seen anything keep him so occupied as an avid chewer!!! Thank you for the quick delivery in these tough times - you made his 1st birthday very happy"


    "I just wanted to say that the ostrich bones are really good. My dogs LOVE them. The bones are the right size, more than enough stuff on them to keep my hounds interested and happy. Thanks so much, they were worth the wait and I'll be getting more."