• Buy in PAIRS to fit different-sized front and back feet!
  • Fully upgraded with a NEW DESIGN!
  • They REFLECT in the dark!
  • They're WATERPROOF!
  • They're lined with faux sheepskin and they're really WARM!
  • The zipper is waterproof even in DEEP PUDDLES!
  • They've got a top drawstring so they're great in DEEP SNOW!
  • They're really grippy on ICE!


These are the new generation HunnybootsV3 soles on fully upgraded and redesigned uppers. They feature stronger zips coupled with a robust trim fabric and reinforced heels.


These boots have a hardwearing yet flexible sole that is shaped for your sighthound's unique 'hare' foot. The uppers are waterproof neoprene and feature an elasticated toggle wrist fastener to keep out rain and snow. The lining is thick luxurious faux-sheepskin and will conform snugly to your dogs foot.


They feature a full length waterproof zipper to easily slip your sighthound’s feet into the boot, and a velcro strap designed to sit below the dew claw and hold the boot firmly in place. They're great for grip on all surfaces; wet parks, ice and deep snow.  They're waterproof so your sighthound's feet will remain warm and dry. 


Hunnyboots are suitable for sighthounds including Greyhounds, Galgos, Salukis, Borzois, Lurchers, Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.


Hunnyboot are carefully inspected before being packaged and shipped and offer a 30 day replacement guarantee against defects. Pairs of Hunnyboots come with a handy storage bag.


Measure for V3 Hunnyboots


Fitting your V3 Hunnyboots


First Time Users Guide


Caring for your new V3 Hunnyboots

Yellow - V3 Splish-Splash

  • Please don't guess!

    The V3 Hunnyboot is a low tolerance fit, so your sighthound's feet need to be measured at very specific points. 


    Size W – Weeny

    This size is for Italian Greyhounds and a number of other small breeds with slender feet such as Boston Terriers.


    Size S – Small

    This size is for small Whippets.


    Size M – Medium

    This size is for larger Whippets, Lurchers and smaller Greyhounds.


    Size L – Large

    This size is for average sized Greyhounds.


    Size XL – eXtra Large

    This one's for the big boys and girls and as big as we go.


    Please use the V3 Measuring Guide before placing your order - Click Here


    You’ve measured the front and back feet and they're different sizes? No stress, thats quite normal for a sighthound - add the two different sized pairs you need to your order.

  • Just like your own trainers getting wet and frequently used, they will take on an odour. We recommend a quick rinse in cold water along with a light scrubbing with a very soft brush with face soap or mild dishwashing detergent. We do not recommend soaking them.


    Please don't be tempted to use laundry detergent or pop them in the washing machine as they will not survive. Even the greenest of laundry detergents can contain alcohol, acids and ethanol and the combination of cold, warm or hot water with these three active ingredients will attack and dissolve the glue holding the soles on. We cannot provide warranty for shoes that have been destroyed as a result of laundering.