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Caring for your new V3 Hunnyboots

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V3 Hunnyboots are a SUMMER boot and as such, are not waterproof and not designed to be constantly wet, so would like to make a couple of recommendations regarding care and maintenance to make them last.

If they get wet or dirty, don’t be afraid to hand wash them with mild detergent suitable for wool washing in warm water. 

If they get wet on a walk, especially with hard or corrosive salt water, rinse them out, brushing any dirt from the zips with an old toothbrush and pat them dry to remove excess water. 

With the zips undone, put them in a warm, airy place (sunlight in summer, next to a heater in winter) until they are dry. 


Once they’re dry, you can lubricate the zips if you need to with a petroleum wax or jelly – we recommend Vaseline.

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Don’t force the slider even if it doesn’t move smoothly. If you tug too hard on the slider in frustration when a zip becomes stiff or jams, it can distort the slider and open up the slots in the sides and this may prevent it meshing the teeth. 

Apply petroleum wax or jelly such as Vaseline on both the front and back surfaces of the teeth with a cotton bud, then move the slider back and forth to regain a smooth operation.

If the boots do get wet on walks and they are left to dry without a rinse, brush and dry, the zips may eventually seize and corrode, voiding their warranty.

If you have any questions regarding caring for your boots please contact Hunnyboots on

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