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Your New Hunnyboots have arrived!

Congratulations! This page is especially for new Hunnyboots owners, which means your boots are either on the way or have arrived already!

Different Sizes

You may have ordered a mixed set of boots from front to back. The sizes are stamped on the bottom of the sole for easy identification. Check to make sure you're putting the right size on. L stands for large not left.


V3 Hunnyboots® have a fixed, padded insole. If you need to add extra padding, we recommend EVA foam no thicker than 2mm.

Fitting the boots

It's likely your sighthound has never worn boots before, so this bit might be totally foreign to both of you. Don't worry, in no time at all you'll be shoeing him like a champion. It takes about 30 seconds to put all four boots on Hunny.

Put your hound's lead on, and take him to the door as if you're going to take him for a walk. Kneel beside him with all four boots unzipped and ready to put on.

With a gentle push, lean and hold your hound away from you so he is bearing weight on his furthest front foot. This will help you lift his closest front foot off the ground with your other hand and relative ease.

  1. Use your finger underneath the toes to get them all the way to the front of the boot.​

  2. Before doing up the strap, give the backs of the boots a tug upwards and actually lift the foot off the floor in the process to get the toes even further into the boot (Imagine you’re pulling up a cowboy boot). The reason for this is to get the strap above the natural widening of the ‘wrist’.

  3. Using a finger to hold the buckle still, pull the strap high and tight – tighter than you’d think comfortable. Boot height varies depending on size, and smaller sizes are shorter. The fabric above the strap should either clear or cover the dew claw, but neither should irritate it. You can leave the section of the zip above the strap undone to allow extra room if you prefer.


Removing the boots is simple. Undo the Velcro strap and the boot will slip off without need to undo the zipper.

First steps - The 'Moonwalk'

The first few steps are going to look like your sighthound has just landed on the moon! Try not to laugh too hard - they can be very sensitive to humiliation! But do get someone to video it anyway. It's critical that your sighthound's first experience is with all two / four boots on. They give in to wearing much quicker and will tend to fuss if only wearing one.

Getting ready for a walk - Encouragement

It's important for their first walk in boots to be enjoyable, so lots of encouragement and praise is needed. Along with treats if your sighthound responds well with them. The important part is as soon as you've passed the "moonwalk" phase, prepared to go for your usual walk. If he fusses over a shoe, give gentle encouragement to move on.

Going on the walk - Distraction

Within minutes, your sighthound will be walking quite normally.  Let him pause to do his usual business of sniffing everything in sight, but if he fusses over a boot, move him on with praise and encouragement.

You set the pace of the walk - Acceptance

Once the sniffing is over, set a brisk walking pace and don't allow stopping or pausing for a little while. By now, your sighthound will be bouncing along not even realising he's wearing boots. You've succeeded!

Ending the walk - Play or remove

If your sighthound likes to play or zoom, encourage him to have a go in his boots. If not, take them off with lots of praise!

Velo is a large and playful boy who's never worn boots before, and following these steps you can expect similar results with your sighthound.

Care and Maintenance

Your Hunnyboots are hardwearing and can take quite a beating. If they get dirty, you can wipe the outsides with a mild detergent. If they need a more thorough clean, wash by hand in cold water. Do not subject them to hot water or dry them with a hair dryer or such, as it may affect the bonded glue that holds the sole on.

If they get wet, rinse them thoroughly in fresh water paying particular attention to the zips. Leave them open with the zips fully opened and they will dry quickly in a warm place. Do not subject them to direct heat such as a hair dryer as that may affect the glue in the bonded soles.

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