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Measuring your Sighthound's foot for Slipper+ Hunnyboots®

One of the hardest things to do in the world of online shopping is to buy a product without trying it on. Hunnyboots Slippers+ are designed to fit your Greyhound like a sock – a snug and comfy fit.

Hunnyboots Slippers+ are the easiest shoes to fit as they only have one measure to consider – the circumference of your Greyhound's foot.

Template method with printer.

This requires access to a printer, and knowing how to set your printer to 100% size.

Click on and print the template below and cut out the ruler.

  1. Lay your dog down and measure the circumference of his ankle at the widest point.

  2. Make a note of where it lines up on the template, choosing the next largest size if in-between.

Measuring method without printer.

If you don't have access to a printer, use this method.

  1. Using a strip of paper or string if you don't have a fabric tape measure, measure and mark the widest part of your hound's wrist

  2. Measure the length in millimetres, choosing the next largest size if in-between sizes.


Size Small

Internal circumference 11cm 

Size Medium

Internal circumference 12cm

Size Large

Internal circumference 13cm

Size X Large

Internal circumference 15cm

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