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The socks are custom designed and made specifically for sighthounds and their narrow legs. No more trying to find baby socks and folding up the heel, these don't have a heel and they fit like a glove – actually they fit like a sock!


Made from 86% cotton with 12% spandex and 2% polyester, they help with sensitive paws, give a little extra padding under boots and most beneficially, stinky boots syndrome! Any regular boot wearer will know that constant wearing of boots barefoot will lead to funky smelling feet and footwear – just like us humans. The solution is socks that you can pop in the wash with everything else (except white shirts!).


Using socks under Hunnyboots also helps with wayward toes and dew claws by gathering the toes together so slipping on a boot is easier than ever.


Choose Ankle for smaller hounds and Crew for medium to large boys and girls.


Need to know

  • All socks are sold in pairs. If you need 4 socks, order two pairs.
  • All sock sizes are 4cm wide at the opening and will comfortably stretch to 10cm to pop them on.
  • Wash them as often as you'd wash any human sock as they're made of the same materials –  86% cotton with 12% spandex and 2% polyester.
  • Sharp nails will poke through socks, so keep them trimmed and filed.
  • The socks are not designed to be worn alone - they will be slippery on hard floors.

Fashound Sox - Grey Pride


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