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A beautifully illustrated guide to keeping lurchers as pets, whether owning your dog from a puppy or adopting through a rescue charity. With detailed information on care and practical advice on ownership throughout, Lurchers as Pets is essential reading for anyone considering owning a lurcher, or wanting to better understand and care for their dog.


Further topics covered include:

  • Understanding the lurcher type and cross-breed characteristics
  • Puppy care and rescue lurchers
  • Diet, grooming and health including minor injuries and ailments
  • Socialization and play
  • Training - recall, retrieve, muzzle training and basic commands
  • Problem solving and behavioural issues
  • Responsible lurcher ownership including legal requirements


AUTOR: Carol Baby

PUBLISHED: 2015, this impression 2019

PAGES: 114

BINDING: Paperback

SIZE: 235x165 mm

Lurchers as Pets: A Guide to Care and Understanding


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