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Measuring your Sighthound's foot for V4 & V3 Hunnyboots®

One of the hardest things to do in the world of online shopping is to buy a product without trying it on. Hunnyboots are designed to fit your Sighthound like a human training shoe or sneaker fits you – a snug and comfy fit.

You can see in this cut-away image that a perfect fit is achieved when the measurements you take (from arrow to arrow) match the inner curve of the heel of the boot. A correctly sized boot means the strap will sit where it is designed to go and clear the dew claw on the front.


This example is Hunny's left forefoot, measuring exactly 90mm flat nail to metacarpal. With the aid of some Photoshop trickery, we've bent the same ruler to show how a 90mm foot fits into a boot that is shorter than the flattened foot. "Digitigrades" (toe walkers) like greyhounds walk exclusively on their toes and under normal circumstances, that last third of their feet, what we think of as their heels don't make any contact with the ground, only their toes.

But first things first, let's understand your sighthound's foot anatomy and how best to measure it. What we're looking to measure is the length between the tip of nail to just past the back of the metacarpal pad on the fore leg, and the tip of nail to just past the back of the metatarsal pad on the hind leg.

Hunnyboots How to Measure Left and Right paws

It's important to measure both front and back as there will probably be a difference in size. As you can see in this photo, Hunny's back feet (75mm) are significantly smaller than her front (89mm).

Hunnyboots How to Measure front and back paw with ruler.png

The easiest method is to take advantage of your sighthound's natural desire to spend all day laying down. Grab a ruler or tape measure and while their feet are extended and flat - press down on the knuckles and hold the foot flat against the ruler if necessary. Measure from the tip of the longest nail, to the back of the 'meta' pad. 


Once you have your measurements front and back, you're ready to choose your size.

Hunnyboots Italian Greyhound Whippet in Red

Using your 'flat foot' length measurements choose your size:


WEENY (Italian Greyhounds) - 4.5cm to 5.5cm

SMALL (Whippets) - 6cm to 7cm

MEDIUM (Whippets & Small Greyhounds) - 7cm to 8cm

LARGE (Regular Greyhounds) - 8cm to 9cm

X LARGE (Big Greyhounds) - 9cm to 10cm


If the foot shape is 'flat' or 'normal', go up to the next size if on or over the size limit.

If 7.8cm, choose Medium.
If 8.2cm, choose Large.

If the foot shape is 'high', err on the smaller size range.

If 7.8cm, choose Medium.
If 8.2cm, still choose Medium.

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