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Whippet Collars: Keeping Your Whippet Safe and Secure with the Right Collar

Updated: Jun 12

Our four legged friends mean the world to us and keeping them safe is a top priority for any responsible and caring owner. A good collar is essential but there are an awful lot of different options out there. How do you know which one is the best fit for your dog? This brief review aims to take you step-by-step through everything you need to consider when you're choosing the right collar for your whippet.

Whippet Collars


Understanding Your Whippet's Needs


Whippets are slender, athletic dogs known for their lightning-fast speed. While they were originally bred for hunting hare and rabbits by sight, their popularity as our beloved companions has grown with their loving and quirky nature. Despite their athletic build, whippets have notoriously delicate necks and require collars that keep them safe but don't create too much tension on their necks.


Whippets, along with sighthounds in general, are very different from other dog breeds, with their slim build, thin coat and sensitive skin. Sighthounds are renowned for being particularly sensitive souls meaning they can be jumpy; this alongside a potential prey drive means there can be the risk of sudden pulling or lunging. A wide collar helps to distribute weight evenly protecting their delicate necks. Given their shape, whippets can all too easily slip out of standard dog collars - so you really need to make sure that you choose a collar that fits securely. You will need to factor in your whippet's size, age, activity level, temperament, prey drive and behaviour when selecting a collar so you can choose one that will work best for them.


Types of Whippet Collars



This traditional style collar is commonly made out of leather and is popular among sighthound owners. Once connected to a lead the wide part of a fishtail collar sits at the front of the neck for even weight distribution protecting long and delicate necks. Due to the unique shape, when fitted, the shape of the fishtail collar is harder to slip off than a standard dog collar. They are practical for everyday wear with brighter colours being a modern twist on the more traditional style.




A martingale collar is a ‘walking out’ collar which tightens to a snug fit when necessary. If your whippet has ever slipped out of or backed out of their collar, is jumpy or has a high prey drive, a martingale collar is a great choice to keep them safe. Martingale collars are especially safe for dogs with narrower heads and muscular necks such as whippets, as these dogs often have an easier time slipping out of a regular dog collar. Martingale collars are ‘walking out’ collars and should be removed in the house.




Harnesses will distribute the pressure more evenly across your whippet's body, reducing strain on their neck and throat. These are a great choice if your dog pulls on the lead, a harness with a handle can help provide more control especially when walking near busy roads for example. Harnesses are also a great choice for adventurous pups that would benefit from specific trail features such as ‘lift and assist’. Whippets have deep chests and we would always recommend a harness with three straps and points of adjustment.



House collars, also known as ID collars, are specially designed lightweight collars that can be worn by whippets at all times. House collars are worn in addition to a walking out collar or harness and are ideal to attach your dog's ID tag to. After walks, martingale or wide collars, and harnesses can be removed leaving on the house collar so that your dog is comfortable and you have the security knowing that their ID tag is on them at all times.  They are comfortable for all day wear and do not rub against the skin in the same way as larger collars may in some circumstances.


Finding the Perfect Fit


A correctly fitting collar is really important for your whippet's comfort and safety. Make sure you measure your whippet's neck circumference accurately so that you can choose the right size collar accordingly. Don't forget to check for any adjustable features such as buckle closures or sliding adjustments so that you can make sure the collar is a snug and secure fit without being too tight or restrictive.


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