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Introducing Hunnyboots Padded Inserts, a game-changer for V3 and V4 boots. Specifically engineered for Greyhounds grappling with sensitive feet or corns, these 4mm thick inserts prioritise straightforward comfort and protection.


Tailored to accommodate both Summer and Winter boots across all sizes, these inserts ensure a personalised fit, providing a no-nonsense solution to corn-related discomfort. Packaged in pairs, they seamlessly integrate for ease of use.


Additionally, they're perfect for padding out a loose boot. Their breathable design guarantees comfort with every step, and being reversible, they are easy to clean – a simple wash does the trick.

Leave behind the challenges of age and corn-related discomfort, and equip your pup with our Padded Inserts for a genuinely therapeutic experience that prioritises their comfort on every adventure.

Extra Hunnyboots Padded Inserts


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