A practical House Collar for hounds who love their comfort. Handmade in the UK, the double layer collars feature a strong British woven webbing outer layer and soft velvet inner layer. The solid brass hardware securely holds your hounds ID tag.


After walks, wide walking out collars or harnesses can be removed leaving on the House Collar so that your dog is comfortable and you have the security knowing that their ID tag is on them at all times.


The plastic clip fastening makes them easy to remove if needed. The collars can be washed with warm soapy water, rinsed and left to air-dry.


Width: 1.6cm

House Collar in Burgundy Webbing and Velvet

  • If your hound wears a walking out collar (martingale, fishtail or standard wide collar).

    Measure your hound’s neck below where their walking out collar sits. When measuring ensuring you leave enough room for two fingers between their neck and the collar.


    When you are measuring for a house collar you are measuring slightly further down the neck than when measuring for a walking out collar. This part of the neck is likely to be slightly thicker. Therefore, it is likely that this measurement will be a few cm larger than your hounds walking out collar measurement.


    The House Collars are 1.6cm wide. Ensure that this width can comfortably sit on the neck with an existing or new walking out collar.


    If your hound wears a harness.

    If your hound does not wear a walking out collar, measure your hound’s neck where you would like the house collar to sit ensuring you leave enough room for two fingers between their neck and the collar.

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