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Italian Napa Leather, hand stitched and wrapped with high tension leather thread. These elegant and minimalist handmade house collars are ideal to attach your dog's ID tag to. After walkies martingale, fishtail or wide collars can be removed leaving on the house collar so that your dog is comfortable and you have the security knowing that their ID tag is on them at all times. 


Please note: The thread wrap colour can vary from taupe or black.


Measurements: Please measure the dog's neck where the collar would sit naturally. For example a 12 inch collar would fit a dog measuring 12 inches. For dogs whose heads are larger than their necks, such as sighthounds, measure the head at the widest point as well as their neck and pick a suitable collar size so that the collar can be slipped over the head and sit in place.


Please select the correct size from the scroll drop down menu. Sizes available: 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17" or 18".

Italian Napa Leather House / ID Collar


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