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Pointy Faces microfibre dog towels are highly efficient at removing moisture and water. Working through capillary action, they absorb water and moisture over 4 times as much compared to conventional cotton towels.


Pointy Faces towels are an extremely useful and practical dog care product. Keep in the boot of the car or use the hanging tag and hang by the front door to clean paws and dry off after wild, wet or muddy walk or use after bathing.


These towels are stain resistant and can be machine washed (and tumble dried) over 500 times at 40 degrees C without affecting the unique microfibre towel performance.


Size: 90x45cm
Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, Ultrafine microfibre, 0.13 denier.

Pointy Faces Microfibre Dog Towel

  • “Great little towel perfect for throwing in my backpack. I use this to dry off my German Shepherd when it's raining and we go for coffee and it has him dry in no time! I have washed it twice already and it is still really absorbant! Great and a must-have for all dog owners!!” - Etsy Customer.


    “One for the car, one for the back door, one for Grandma’s house, these little towels one of the most useful products we’ve ever found! They also fold up seriously small, perfect for sticking in our bag when we go out on our adventures!” - Adventures of Doodles.


    "These are amazing in the grooming salon, Cuts down on drying time really recommend" - Etsy Customer 


    "The dog shampoo is divine! It smells gorgeous and doesn't aggravate my French Bulldog's skin at all. It leaves his coat shiny, slick and fresh-smelling and I won't use anything else now! I'll be back for more when this one runs out - although a little really does go a long way! The towel is great too - doesn't take up much space and is much less bulky than normal towels I use, so very pleased with both items thankyou! x" - Etsy Customer


    "Finn and Gwen are keeping cool under their cool, damp Pointy Faces towels! The material is great for keeping the towel damp and therefore ideal for keeping my hot hounds cool" - Facebook photo and review 

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