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Perfect for throwing, playing fetch, tug of war or having a good chew on. Smug Mutts toys are a strong, durable and a natural alternative to plastic and cotton dog toys. 


  • 100% natural and plastic free.
  • Hemp rope produces short fibres which will breakdown and are less likely to be harmful if ingested, unlike cotton.
  • Strong, durable and biodegradable, beech wood is a splinterless hardwood that is less likely to be harmful if ingested making it a great alternative to plastic and other synthetic materials.
  • Hemp has naturally antimicrobial properties and can even act as a natural tooth brush when chewed.


Handcrafted in the UK.

Top Knot

  • Hemp is fantastic for the environment as it converts up to 3x more CO2 into O2 during photosynthesis, and returns up to 70% of its nutrition back to the ground. It is a natural plant fibre that is derived without the use of herbicides and pesticides and requires up to 70% less water to grow in comparison to cotton. 


    The beech is responsibly sourced inside the EU from FSC accredited suppliers. Beech is a hardwood with a close grain structure meaning it is much less likely to splinter when chewed. Beech is even used in some children's teething toys for this very reason.  


    Important Bits:

    • Your dog should always be supervised whilst using this product
    • Make sure the toy is in good condition and not a choking hazard
    • Always make sure the toy is the correct size for your dog
    • Designed and made in the UK
    • Hemp is biodegradable, please dispose of correctly
    • Not suitable for strong chewers

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