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The Turnaround Strategy Game provides hours of fun. 


  • the dog is rewarded with treats by turning the treat containers
  • stand with 3 treat containers and 2 different sized lid openings 
  • 2 levels of difficulty with different lid openings
  • non-slip due to rubber feet
  • treat containers are dishwasher-safe
  • incl. a booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training


Measurements: 22 × 33 × 18 cm
Height: 33 cm


It is perfect for blind dogs as it stays in one place and involves sound and smell. It’s also great for dogs with limited mobility or gentle food orientated dogs. 


See it in action -  Bella (she is blind) using her Turnaround Strategy Game.

Turnaround Strategy Game

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  • Dogs are intelligent and inquisitive animals. They do not only want to be challenged by physical training or games, they also want mental stimulation and support. Turnaround consists of a solid board, which has a stand and three variable beakers attached to it. These can be twisted independently from each other and can be closed with a lid. Treats are placed inside the beakers for your dog to try and sniff out. After a certain amount of practice your dog will be able to use his paws or snout to turn the beaker around so that his reward falls out. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by selecting various lids for the beaker. Different lids have different sized holes in them (2 types of lid are included). As an optional extra, it is also possible to use different sized treats. The booklet included in this game gives tips and tricks on how to design appropriate and fun training for your dog. Turnaround should be cleaned regularly (the beakers and lids are dishwasher-safe).

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