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  • can be set to flashing or continuous light modes
  • will light up for about 5 hours in flashing mode, for about 3 hours in continuous mode
  • rechargeable via USB cable - USB cable and screwdriver included
  • visibility up to 400 m
  • splash water protected
  • with reflective stripes
  • size individually adjustable by simple cutting
  • made with TPU/nylon


Please follow the instructions in the enclosed directions for use. 

Light Collar - Rechargeable USB

  • How to shorten the Flash Light Ring USB

    Open one side of the light ring with a screwdriver and pull out the ring. Shorten the collar to the desired length, but leave a longer part of the sheath and melt the cut-off end together with a lighter so that it does not fray. Push the ring into the charging unit again and tighten the screw. 


    Charging the Flash Light Ring USB

    The Flash light ring USB is charged via USB cable. Simply connect to your computer or use an adapter (not included) to connect to a mains socket. Charging time is about 1 hour. While the battery is loading, a red light shows. It disappears when the collar is fully loaded.


    The intensity of continuous light will slightly decrease after 2.5hours. After 5 hours the light goes out. 


    For optimal safety please use additional high-visability equipment, e.g. a safety vest. 

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