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Slippers+ are sold in sets of four. Hunnyboots first version of slipper was hugely popular and this second version has had massive upgrades in material robustness and quality.


  • K9 padded Military-grade soles
  • silicone printed tread for no-slip slippage
  • wear-all-day-sleep-all-night breathability
  • Designed and shaped just for sighthounds feet
  • Perfect for nipping in and out of the house for toilet breaks (for longer walks, please try the V3 Boots)


Combating slippery floors? Got a veteran struggling to get up? SLO nails or toe injuries? Maybe you've got a fussy pup that just can't cope wearing structured shoes? Sore feet or just plain cold? The new range of Hunnyboot Slippers+ are greyhound shaped and perfect for the indoor hound. They feature a breathable polyester mesh fabric with faux leather reinforced toes and wrist strap with Velcro attachment.


They're easy to slip on and fasten, and will give your sighthound some protection and grip on polished timber or tiled stairs or floors. The soles have a padded insole with a printed silicone sole for grip and are comfy enough to sleep the night away.


The mesh fabric will stretch and conform to the most 'knuckly' of feet and keep toes and pads toasty warm even on the coldest of nights.


From a practical sense, they'll also protect your newly installed polished floorboards from click-clacking nails and stop your noodle from digging into your imported Italian sofa you just waited 12 weeks for.


Hunnyboots Slippers come in packs of four across four sizes and are best fitted while your sighthound is lying down.


Measure your sighthound’s foot circumference with a tape measure at the widest point below the dew claw. The fabric will stretch up to approximately 5mm.


All sets of 4 are shipped in a storage bag.


How to measure for Slipper+ Hunnyboots®


First Time Users Guide

Red Slippers+

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  • Please don't guess!


    Hunnyboots Slippers+ are designed to fit your Greyhound like a sock – a snug and comfy fit.


    Hunnyboots Slippers+ are the easiest shoes to fit as they only have one measure to consider – the circumference of your Greyhound's foot.


    View the Slippers+ Measurement Guide.


    Size Small - Internal circumference 11cm 


    Size Medium - Internal circumference 12cm


    Size Large - Internal circumference 13cm


    Size X Large - Internal circumference 15cm

  • "I just wanted to say thank you very much. I live in a first floor flat with my greyhound, Ben. He had a scary slip and fall on the stairs which are surfaced, completely smooth and very 70's. I was distraught and thinking that at the age of 11, I'd have to re-home him because he was getting in a real state over the stairs. Since we got our slippers though, we put them on at the bottom of the stairs when we come back in and now there is no issue. He has the grip and the confidence to come up the stairs with his 'sticky feet' on. I've just ordered another set to have in reserve so we're never likely to be without them. We're both very happy, he's not afraid of the stairs anymore and I get to keep my beloved boy."

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